Shakespeare In His Age

F.E. Halliday

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The life and work of Shakespeare is put into context in this fascinating volume, based on the assertion that in order to understand this great writer, we must appreciate the epoch in which he existed. Beginning with a description of the England into which he was born, his political and cultural inheritance, each year of his half-century lifetime is meticulously charted, noting the forces that helped to determine his development and his work.


Once more Mr Halliday produces a work which can be classed where his Shakespeare Companion stands alreadyàthis time he offers a copious description of Shakespeare's times and all the variety of English life and action which surround him.

The Times

This admirable book covers a vast amount of ground with fluency and depth.

The Spectator

Author biography:

F.E. Halliday Literary scholar and Cornwall historian, Frank Ernest Halliday, was born in Bradford, Yorkshire and was educated at King’s College, Cambridge. He taught at Cheltenham College for many years and was head of the English Department.

Later, he moved to St. Ives, Cornwall, where he remained for the rest of his life, devoting his time to extensive research and writing, typing with two fingers on a rickety, antique typewriter. His vigorous, uncluttered and well informed work amounted to twenty-four volumes, ranging from the history of his adopted county to many on Shakespeare, as well as illuminating biographies of great English writers such as Thomas Hardy, Geoffrey Chaucer, Robert Browning, Doctor Johnson and William Wordsworth.

F.E. Halliday died in 1982.

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