The Winding Stair

A.E.W. Mason

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Paul Ravenel is brought up abroad in mysterious circumstances. Upon his return to England he learns that his father was disgraced as an army officer in India and assumed French nationality. Determined to expiate his father’s crime, Paul joins the French legions. Sent to Morocco, he falls in love with Marguerite, and stays with her rather than join his unit during a revolt in Fez. He thus disgraces himself, as did his father. His comrades believe him dead in the massacre of Europeans that occurred, but his friend Gerard then discovers the truth. He disappears and by a series of secret ventures gradually climbs the winding stair to vindicate both his love and his honour.

Author biography:

A.E.W. Mason Alfred Edward Wooley Mason was born in 1865. He was educated at Dulwich College before going up to Oxford University. Once his formal education was completed, Mason went on to become an actor, which had been an ambition since schooldays.

He began his writing career with historical fiction, but then moved into the arena of politics, becoming a Liberal Member of Parliament for Coventry in 1906. However, his love of writing stayed with him and Mason further developed his repertoire and style to incorporate detective fiction, introducing one of the earliest fictional detectives, Inspector Hanaud, the Gallic counterpart to Sherlock Holmes. His detective fiction contains material clues and spontaneity.

Throughout the course of his life Mason produced over thirty titles. The most enduring work is ‘The Four Feathers’ which is the most filmed work of any writer in the 20th century, with seven versions in all. There have also been many other films and plays based on his novels, including the Hanaud series.

A.E.W. Mason died in 1948.

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