Pel And The Perfect Partner

Inspector Pel

Juliet Hebden

978 1 84232 909 2
Paperback | 224 pp
205 x 135 mm
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978 0 7551 2497 8
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Chief Inspector Pel has been kidnapped. Or is he being held for ransom, traded for the release of prisoners, or perhaps he has been murdered? He is, in any event, missing. To make matters worse, the press report the escape of the notorious Poltergeist from a high security prison. Just when things can’t get more desperate, a fantastic robbery from the gunroom of Baron de Charnet’s chateau takes place and a collection of diamonds is stolen from a high-street jeweller’s safe.


Impeccable French ambience, unexaggerated flics, and a well constructed solution. Hebden proves again that few understand Gallic cops better than English writers!

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Author biography:

Juliet Hebden achieved a seamless transition when she took over the Inspector Pel novels created by her father, Mark Hebden, whose last novel, 'Pel and the Promised Land', was published in 1993. Since then she has added six novels to the series to the delight of readers and critics. Juliet is the mother of six children and lives in France.

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