The Toff is the Honourable Richard Rollison. He is an expert thief turned gentleman's  adventurer and has many qualities in common with Leslie Charteris's ‘The Saint’, although  he is sometimes more sure footed and realistic. Handsome and debonair, with an amorous  nature, his thrilling exploits are fast and usually dangerous, with the police always in the  background. He can demonstrably use a gun, and his fists, but will always prefer to solve  mysteries using just his wits and intelligence. 

An educated man, with a decided sense of wellbeing and what might be termed solid  middle class behaviour and mannerisms, he is nonetheless perfectly at home with people of  all classes and has several exploits and partnerships amongst the ‘ordinary’ people of  London’s East End, as well as the more well-to-do of Mayfair set.  He has a particular liking  for the game of cricket, and carries through the notion of ‘fair-play’ into many of the  complex situations he has to deal with. 

Regardless of his ability to mix, he personally maintains a liking for high living, beautiful  women, and cruises, with his pursuits in these directions often providing the background for  some of his near sixty adventures. Nonetheless, many of his cases concern, or comment,  upon taxing social problems that are enduring and remain as valid today as when  chronicled. 

A valet, cum butler, cum secretary, by the name of Jolly is often to be found assisting,  although in true gentleman's gentleman fashion, never in the way.

The Toff is one of John Creasey's enduring characters that continues to surprise and  delight readers, particularly in Europe and North America.


The Toff Series

The Titles can be read as a series, or randomly as standalone novels 


  Title Alternative Year
1 Introducing the Toff It's the Toff! 1938
2 The Toff Goes On    1939
3 The Toff Steps Out    1939
4 Here Comes the Toff    1940
5 The Toff Breaks In    1940
6 Salute the Toff    1941
7 The Toff Proceeds    1941
8 The Toff Goes to Market    1942
9 The Toff Is Back    1942
10 The Toff on the Trail (Short stories)  1942
11 The Toff among the Millions    1943
12 Accuse the Toff    1943
13 The Toff and the Deadly Priest The Toff and the Curate 1944
14 The Toff and the Great Illusion    1944
15 Feathers for the Toff    1945
16 The Toff and the Lady    1946
17 Poison for the Toff  The Toff on Ice 1946
18 Hammer the Toff    1947
19 The Toff in Town    1948
20 The Toff Takes Shares    1948
21 The Toff and Old Harry    1949
22 The Toff on Board    1949
23 Fool the Toff    1950
24 Kill the Toff    1950
25 A Knife for the Toff    1951
26 A Mask for the Toff The Toff Goes Gay 1951
27 Hunt the Toff    1952
28 Call the Toff    1953
29 The Toff Down Under Break the Toff 1953
30 Murder Out of the Past short stories  1953
31 The Toff at Camp The Toff at Butlins 1954
32 The Toff at the Fair    1954
33 A Six for the Toff A Score for the Toff 1955
34 The Toff and the Deep Blue Sea    1955
35 Kiss the Toff Make-Up for the Toff 1956
36 The Toff in New York    1956
37 Model for the Toff    1957
38 The Toff on Fire    1957
39 The Toff and the Stolen Tresses    1958
40 Terror for the Toff  The Toff on the Farm 1958
41 Double for the Toff    1959
42 The Toff and the Runaway Bride    1959
43 A Rocket for the Toff    1960
44 The Toff and the Kidnapped The Kidnapped Child 1960
45 Follow the Toff    1961
46 The Toff and the Toughs The Toff and the Teds 1961
47 A Doll for the Toff    1963
48 Leave It to the Toff    1963
49 The Toff and the Spider    1965
50 The Toff in Wax    1966
51 A Bundle for the Toff    1967
52 Stars for the Toff    1968
53 The Toff and the Golden Boy    1969
54 The Toff and the Fallen Angels    1970
55 Vote for the Toff    1971
56 The Toff and the Trip-Trip-Triplets    1972
57 The Toff and the Terrified Taxman    1973
58 The Toff and the Sleepy Cowboy    1975
59 The Toff and the Crooked Copper    1977