Commander George Gideon, or ‘GG’ as he is affectionately known, is a big yet gentle man who is admired by his colleagues, although they know well to avoid him if he loses his temper. He has a prodigious memory and an ability to think both laterally and about more than one thing at a time. Having risen through the ranks of the Metropolitan Police, he knows the law and applies it scrupulously. He also knows London, which he views with great affection, and lives in a modest house in a nonetheless gentile area of Fulham.

He is married to Kate, who has retained her youthful attractiveness, and is both house proud and detached from Gideon’s work. Accordingly, on many occasions George Gideon appears to fail a little on the domestic front as he tries to balance his time between the two. Indeed, each of the Gideon series of cases chronicled displays him as juggling somewhat between not one, but several different problems at work and a minor domestic crisis as well. Kate is nonetheless calm and understanding and after long hours chasing villains there is nothing Gideon likes more than to return to his family – which is large, there being six children and, in time, also a grandchild.

His expertise is known and admired throughout the world, and many a visitor to Scotland Yard has turned up asking to meet the ‘real Gideon’, or be told something of his exploits, with policemen from many countries wishing to model their activities on this very human, master of police procedure, and wise, detective.

‘George Gideon has done more than any other detective in fiction to maintain the reading public's faith in Scotland Yard’ – The Observer.

The Gideon of Scotland Yard Series

(Written by John Creasey as ‘JJ Marric’)

The Titles can be read as a series, or randomly as standalone novels


Title   Alternative Year
Gideon's Day   Gideon of Scotland Yard 1955
Seven Days to Death   Gideon's Week 1956
Gideon's Night     1957
A Backwards Jump   Gideon's Month 1958
Thugs and Economies   Gideon's Staff 1959
Gideon Combats Influence   Gideon's Risk 1960
Gideon's Fire     1961
A Conference for Assassins   Gideon's March 1962
Travelling Crimes   Gideon's Ride 1963
An Uncivilised Election   Gideon's Vote 1964
Criminal Imports   Gideon's Lot 1965
To Nail a Serial Killer   Gideon's Badge 1966
From Murder to a Cathedral   Gideon's Wrath 1967
Gideon's River     1968
Darkness and Confusion   Gideon's Power 1969
Sport, Heat & Scotland Yard   Gideon's Sport 1970
Gideon's Art     1971
No Relaxation at Scotland Yard   Gideon's Men 1972
Impartiality Against the Mob   Gideon's Press 1973
Not Hidden by the Fog   Gideon's Fog 1975
Good and Justice   Gideon's Drive 1976
Vigilantes & Biscuits   Gideon's Force 1978